Avelead provides innovative technology solutions that automate and improve revenue cycle in healthcare.

Avelead’s SaaS cloud-based platform provides hospitals and health systems with solutions focused on key areas of Revenue Cycle: Patient Financial Services, Revenue Integrity, Revenue Optimization, and Cost Savings. Avelead’s solutions allow providers to set the cruise control on their Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle.  Avelead – Automating Revenue Cycle.


Pricing, Reimbursement, Cost & Compliance

  • Managed Care Modeling
  • Payor Yield
  • Physician / NPI 
  • Pricing Transparency
  • Reimbursement and Cost Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle – 340 B spend

Patient Financials & Billing

  • Scheduling & Registration
  • Cash Posting Reconciliation
  • Claims Management
  • Denial Management

Revenue Optimization

  • Suspended Charges
  • ED Visit Level
  • Supply Chain Analytics (KPI) / Supply Chain Cost Reporting
  • Denial Management

Revenue Integrity

  • Chargemaster Management (WDM)
  • Charge Capture Audit (DCE)
  • Charge Reconciliation (REViD)


We’re a team that provides expertise in all areas of Revenue Cycle. From Patient access to Charge Capture and Patient Accounting, Avelead has the resources that can help you achieve end-to-end revenue cycle efficiencies and achieve healthy operating margins. If you’re looking to combine the right expertise with the right technology, Avelead is the right choice.


Avelead consultants specialize in implementing large scale EMR roll outs and enabling Meaningful Use in multi-hospital and single facility organizations. 

On Time, On Budget, High Quality, every time.



Implementation challenges are not just technical impediments. The solution is getting the right tools in place to ensure accurate, efficient and quick deployment. 

Avelead’s proprietary Master Build Automation Tool (MBAT) technology handles it and gets it done.



Avelead doesn’t just talk technical jargon.  In producing results, our team knows how to communicate with department directors, nurses, physicians and the CEO.

  We live and breathe healthcare technology and deliver results.