Put an End to Lost Revenue

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“The Avelead team has provided outstanding leadership and direction. They consistently operate with a high degree of integrity, and a focus on results and excellence at every stage. We are so thankful to have them as a trusted and dedicated partner.”

—Owen Bailey | CEO & SR Assoc VP Medical Affairs


Identify System Gaps


Eliminate Revenue Leakage


Increase Cash Acceleration

How much is your revenue cycle costing you?

Most organizations are losing millions a year and don’t even know it

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Does your revenue cycle require too much hands-on maintenance?

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Does it take months for bills to get sent out?

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Do you wish accessing your revenue cycle data was quick and easy?

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Are you anxious about the return on investment for an upcoming system change?

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Not getting the financial benefits you expected out of your EHR conversion?

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Unsure how much revenue your organization is actually leaking?

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How does Avelead help hospitals thrive?

Armed with our software, hospitals can ensure that every system is in line, and every penny is accounted for. When you choose us, we help you reclaim missing revenue, giving your hospital freedom.

If you are losing any money at all, it’s too much!

Most healthcare organizations are losing millions every year in earned revenue due to documentation and coding errors. In this era of constantly-changing healthcare regulations and expensive electronic health record conversions, accurate reimbursement and revenue capture is more important than ever before.

Your Path to Victory

At Avelead, we know that you want to be the strategic advisor that leads your organization to the next level. To do that, you need a healthy revenue cycle that can move as fast as your clinical operations while ensuring revenue integrity. The problem is, your current systems are taxing your team, prone to errors, and are not measuring up to your expectations. This results in an overwhelmed staff, frustrated executives, and millions in lost revenue.

We believe your systems should work for you, not make your organization work harder. We understand how crucial your work is and what’s at stake if it doesn’t get done right the first time. That is why for the past six years, our team of healthcare business cycle experts has been helping healthcare organizations optimize their clinical and financial systems and improve their revenue cycles by up to 1,000%. With over 200 hospital integrations behind us, we know that we can make your EHR and revenue cycle systems work together to free up resources and increase your bottom line.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you, schedule a free demo today, and in the meantime, check out a few of our case studies. No matter the size of your organization or how many systems you currently have in place, our proven approach, tools, and expertise can help you simplify a complex process and lead your team to victory.

Put An End To Lost Revenue

We Will Guide You Every Step of The Way

Hassle-free websites


We give you the tools to identify and correct the root causes of process issues, not just fix transaction errors.

Centralize Data

We transform your complex information into clear and simplified data that your team can access via a single dashboard.

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Hassle-free websites

Stabilize Revenue

We focus on bringing you back to the baseline by ensuring revenue flow is uninterrupted, even after any system conversions, updates, or changes made by us or your vendors.

"Not only did we return to 105% baseline within 14 days of our conversion and we had over $1.5 million found revenue within 30 days."

“After hearing all the EHR conversion challenges faced by our colleagues, we decided to bring on Avelead. Not only did they work with our EHR vendor to make sure all the revenue systems were set up correctly the first time, but they also made sure the go-live stayed on schedule. Not only did we return to 105% baseline within 14 days of our conversion and we had over $1.5 million found revenue within 30 days.”


Lead your team to profitable
revenue integrity

In 3 simple steps


We Discover

Schedule a demo where we can discuss your needs and work together to design a customized approach for your organization.


We Deliver

We build you a customized one-stop, easy to use dashboard that adds context to all your key revenue-cycle data. 


You Thrive

Take back control of missing revenue, lost revenue, and revenue at risk, with the right processes, tools, and expertise at your side.