About Avelead

Our mission is to help hospitals thrive 

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Who We Are

In 2014, two brothers launched Avelead to help hospitals around the country thrive. With decades of experience in the healthcare revenue cycle, Jawad and Badar quickly assembled a team that could transform the way a hospital processes and understands revenue reconciliation. It’s been over half-a-decade since then, and our mission has never been more vital.

What We Do

It’s a rapidly changing world. Hospitals face the unique challenge of providing exceptional care to their communities today, while battling for financial stability so they can continue providing care for tomorrow. Avelead helps lead the way with:

  • Research that leads the field
  • Results-driven process
  • Innovative technology
  • Prioritization of hospitals

Armed with our software, hospitals can ensure that every system is in line, and every penny is accounted for. When you choose us, we help you reclaim missing revenue, giving your hospital freedom.

Why We Can Help You

We offer a unique array of tools that help healthcare systems add new treatments, update prices, check intersystem communication, audit bank accounts, and more. In a world where many health care systems are struggling to survive, we can help carry the burden, allowing hospitals to focus on taking care of their communities. That’s our purpose, that’s our passion, because here at Avelead, we believe in empowering hospitals to thrive.

Where We’re Going

Avelead has provided exceptional care to hospitals around the country for years, but we’re not just focused on the past. Every year we develop new tools, build new programs, and implement new strategies. With exceptional leadership that drives our innovative technology, we can promise results in your healthcare system as we fly into tomorrow together.

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