Find millions in lost revenue for your hospital.

Avelead RevID is a software tool that helps automate reconciliation by preventing charge errors before billing.

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​Avelead RevID has helped tons of hospitals like yours automate their revenue cycle and reclaim missing revenue.


hospitals like yours reconciling daily


in missing revenue identified in the last 12 months


average ROI

60 days

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The Avelead team has provided outstanding leadership and direction. They consistently operate with a high degree of integrity, and a focus on results and excellence at every stage. We are so thankful to have them as a trusted and dedicated partner.

CEO, USA Health

From an audit standpoint … the system is providing the hospitals with a higher reliability where charges being completed daily are correct, and departments are signing off daily.

CFO, LaPorte & Starke Hospitals

Not only did we return to 105% baseline revenue within 7 days of our EHR conversion, but we also identified over $1.5 million in found charges within 30 days.

CFO, McLeod Health

By the Numbers

Download our free case study to see in-depth how Avelead RevID helped a 658-bed hospital transform their reconciliation process.

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Our ADR Dashboard gives you Proactive Oversight

  • Compare performed services to pre-bill claims.
  • Catch errors before the billing process even starts!
  • Reduce compliance issues.
Average Daily Revenue Dashboard
RevID Department view showing pharmacy missed charges

Delete the spreadsheets.
RevID finds errors for you. Daily.

  • Reduce manual charge comparison.
  • Alleviate staff workload.
  • Revenue insights down to the department level.

Accurate billing – the first time.

  • Centralized charge accountability.
  • Automatically check for discrepancies, errors, and system gaps.
  • Task-oriented error assignment.
RevID Charge view showing missing charges to fix before the billing cycle.

How does it work?

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See how Avelead RevID can help your hospital identify missing revenue.

Get started with Avelead RevID.

Without automated charge reconciliation and error-free billing enabled by Avelead RevID, your hospital could be missing out on millions of dollars in missed charges. Stop wasting time with outdated, manual processes, and put an end to lost revenue.

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