Use Data Strategically with Custom CCL Report Writing

Many hospitals most likely experienced issues after software transitions and discovered that they were no longer able to utilize reports as they once were. Avelead’s experienced team of CCL writers can take on the weight of the tasks by providing reports that offer visibility into the revenue cycle from patient access through collections.

Our Packages to Get You Ahead of Competition

You’ll be able to address gaps within Cerner standard reports through Avelead’s standard report packages. We also offer unique content with custom extracts and managing report request backlog. Additionally, we offer CCL managed services, which means our writers will fulfill any CCL request including reports, quick queries, and script revision.

Avelead CCL Packages
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Our experts help you create any report you can imagine… and many more you can’t.

Having a staff on hand with industry-leading CCL skills guarantees just-in-time information. They’ll be able to identify any weak spots immediately so you can make the right decisions that will be effective and efficient for the long term.

Save time and money over time.

Our experts allow you to save money by taking away the need of hiring and training additional outside help. Each writer has an extensive resume including writing, communication, CCL, IT, and Business Intelligence experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

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