At Avelead, we have focused on Cerner solutions since our inception and have a wide variety of expertise in leading Cerner projects. We have extensive experience in successfully partnering with Cerner clients across the country and offer a full spectrum of services from pre-implementation planning, design, build, testing and training through application support post live.

We have developed and maintained our knowledge by working side by side with our Clients, usually taking on many of the tasks that are normally performed by the Client, providing this support so that the Client can focus on the tasks that can only be completed by the Client.

At Avelead, we recruit senior level resources who have a profound and broad understanding of Cerner and their software, processes and people- this is a high level of support that is unmatched in the industry.

We carefully scope all our engagements to ensure that there is a complete understanding of the tasks for completion, the results required and who is performing each activity. This leads to successful projects that have a defined beginning and successful transition at the end of the project.

Some of the products that Avelead supports include:

  • Millennium Suite
  • CCL
  • CPOE and Medication
  • Reconciliation
  • Device Integrations
  • Discern Expert
  • Discern Rules
  • MPages
  • Millennium Care Aware
  • Millennium CareNet
  • Millennium Core Services
  • Millennium CVNet
  • Millennium EMAR
  • Millennium ERM ESM
  • Millennium FirstNet
  • Millennium INet
  • Millennium IView
  • Millennium Knowledge Solutions
  • Millennium Message Center
  • Millennium Open Engine
  • Millennium Orders Management
  • Millennium PathNet
  • Millennium Perioperative Solutions
  • Millennium PharmNet
  • Millennium PowerChart
  • Millennium PowerChart Office
  • Millennium PowerNote
  • Millennium PowerPlans
  • Millennium PowerVision
  • Millennium PPID
  • Millennium ProFile
  • Millennium Provision
  • Millennium RadNet
  • Millennium Revenue Cycle Solutions
  • Zynx Order Set Integration

The road to a successful implementation doesn’t end after Go-Live. We realize that and aim to be helpful in the long-term by providing support well after the last stages of implementation.

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