Automated Revenue Reconciliation

Identifies and prevents missing & delayed charges before submitting claims

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Right now, your hospital is leaking revenue. Clinical charges aren’t being placed or submitted correctly, costing hospitals millions every year. Avelead RevID changes that by identifying mistakes and reconciling them ahead of the billing process, eliminating revenue leakage before it happens.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

Reduce Staff Load with Process Improvement

Avelead RevID not only helps revenue systems, but also empowers hospitals to work on process improvement as well. Stop spending hours on revenue reconciliation, and free your staff to focus on other needs within the hospital.

Oversight & Assurance of Revenue

Avelead RevID gives you visibility into the charge reconciliation process, allowing for accountability within the revenue systems. With RevID, you now have a top-down view of which departments are actually performing revenue reconciliation.

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