Implementation Services

EMR implementations are not a walk in the park. Leadership sets the stage for project quality and success.  Despite well laid out plans and timelines, implementations that lack qualified and defined leadership get delayed, result in poor quality culmination, or fail all together.  A common challenge faced during implementations is managing vendor and hospital relations in a tactful manner using strategic communications and negotiating skills.

With over 25 years of combined experience, Avelead resources have the knowledge, skillset, and tools needed to successfully accomplish required tasks of any implementation project. Avelead’s implementation experience ranges from servicing single facilities to multi-site facilities which include over 150 sites. The spectrum of these facilities includes for-profit, non-profit, multi-facility academic teaching institutions, ambulatory clinics, as well as individual institutions.

Utilizing tailored project plans in adherence with PMI standards and PMBOK methodology, Avelead consultants are experts in revitalizing stagnant projects.  Using accountability as the key factor, Avelead Project Managers rely on scope and contracted requirements to forge a good foundation that leads to exceptional relationships with vendors and facility personnel, both internally and externally.  With a proven track record of outstanding results, Avelead consultants are the experts in the field. Add a dash of caring and you have a passionate team dedicated to the successful implementation of your project.

Implementation Services

  • Strategic Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Implementation and Conversions
  • Functional Analysts

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Technical Services 

Healthcare integration is an alliance of systems utilized by healthcare providers, payers, and vendors that transfers data from one application or program to another.  Integration is the KEY to developing advanced healthcare applications that will achieve desired results. Without the right resources, it can get extremely complicated to accurately and smoothly integrate data from multiple, conflicting systems.

Avelead offers extensive integration experience that enables a streamlined approach to successful integration by determining the most critical tasks associated with both interfaces and conversions during the discovery phase. To minimize the impacts of downtime during data migration, ensure data integrity, control costs, and curb possible complications, proper management of the organization’s data from the legacy systems to new platforms is critical.  Avelead focuses on achieving the overall goal of successful data migration.

Technical Services

  • Software and Hardware Integration
  • Conversions and Interfaces
  • HL7 Interfacing
  • Historical Data
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Migration

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Revenue Cycle Services

We bring our subject matter expertise to all Revenue Cycle projects so that you are being led by senior level resources with vast experience in Revenue Cycle programs and deliverable. Avelead functions as your partner through the Revenue Cycle implementation and post live in the Revenue Cycle Optimization effort.

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Revenue Integrity
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Master Data Management
  • Revenue Identification
  • Revenue Neutrality

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Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support

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