Data Comparison Engine 

Full master file audits in seconds

Avelead Compare takes any two hospital software systems and checks for discrepancies.

A hospital is a community of different software systems from clinical, to financial, to lab, that work together to make the hospital run smoothly. Often these systems don’t all receive and process the same data in the same way. That’s where Avelead Compare can help. It quickly analyzes multiple systems, identifying all discrepancies, outliers, and errors, allowing you to get a quick and easy look at where a hospital needs to make fixes.

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Brand Strategy

It provides daily updates on changes and discrepancies across all systems

Avelead Compare operates continuously. Its data is always current, and it gives automatic daily updates. This provides a hospital with easy access into the hidden world of hospital computer systems. If there are any discrepancies and system errors, it will show up in those daily alerts.

Avelead Compare helps a hospital switch and update to new systems.

Avelead Compare can be used as a maintenance check as a hospital updates various systems, adds new drugs and treatments, or hires new physicians. It can be even more useful when converting to a new system within the hospital, allowing transparent, continuous, up-to-date notifications as to what has been built, and what needs to be built.

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