Workflow & Master Data Management

Take control of your chargemaster

WDM checks, orders, and resolves the chargemaster codes

A hospital’s chargemaster is often a convoluted, chaotic place, making it impossible for you to get a good sense of hospital products and pricing. Avelead leads the way by helping you identify and define a standard chargemaster. WDM checks all chargemaster data including revenue codes, modifiers, pricing, and even medical terminology to make sure that they are correctly processed. Take back control of the chargemaster and make order out of chaos.

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Brand Strategy

It standardizes all chargemaster codes across an entire healthcare system.

WDM doesn’t just stop at one hospital’s chargemaster. It publishes and disseminates the updated chargemaster to all facilities in a healthcare network, updating every single system in every department from clinical to financial. This automatic process makes it easy for you to distribute future updates, additions, modifications, and deletions to the whole healthcare network. With WDM, a healthcare organization can focus on providing care to patients, knowing that every system and every hospital within the network is on the same page.

WDM automatically and continuously updates codes and prices.

Even in the future when your hospital adds new treatments and prices, WDM ensures that all systems stay synchronized as it checks the chargemaster for validity and compliance. It constantly audits the chargemaster directly, providing reports on discrepancies and revisions for you to look over. WDM makes sure that that your chargemaster is working for you, and when it’s not, you’ll be the first person to know.

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