Revenue leakage occurs when a facility does not bill for provided services and supplies. As a result of system billed workflow, documentation, or coding errors, organizations are failing to capture a significant percentage of earned revenue for services already provided. Leakage can easily equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more of lost revenue every month and your facility might not even know it’s missing.

A Comprehensive Approach

The significance of change in Revenue Cycle Management weighs heavily on the shoulders of organizations. Our assessments dig into many areas, e.g., revenue neutrality, payer behavior, claim edit management, and revenue cycle optimization. This evaluation puts you at an advantage when looking for solutions. By fully understanding your payers’ behavior and your own internal metrics, your organization can negotiate, improve terms, better predict revenue, and adjust services accordingly.

Because Avelead’s people have sat in the C-Suite at hospitals and health systems, we know the issues and obstacles ahead. We know how to build relationships across all departments and levels in your organization, and the pressures you face when changes occur. We take care of project delivery so you can do your job. It’s time to stop the leakage and
Avelead has the tools with which to do it.

Master Build Automation Tool (MBAT) Platform

Avelead’s MBAT Platform was designed to alleviate the challenges of revenue loss and put you back in control of your charges. MBAT is comprised of several applications, which make the challenge of keeping all this data in sync a breeze.

Data Comparison Engine (DCE)

The DCE utilizes proprietary algorithms to compare the state of your build systems to identify any discrepancies between your conversion, financial, and clinical master files. DCE ensures the procedures and orders placed in clinical systems will post charges at go-live.

Revenue Identification (REViD)

Avelead’s REViD system is designed to identify revenue leakage within your organization. REViD provides tight integration with your existing patient financial and clinical systems. Its powerful predictive analytics technology evaluates patient account charges prior to billing to generate coding exceptions where possible charges were missed, so nothing is left unbilled.

our own auditors, or experts from Avelead, can utilize exception-based workflows to quickly and easily resolve coding issues. Implementation of REViD in your health system will lead to increased efficiency, better coding, and most importantly, capture of lost revenues.

Revenue Neutraility Analytics (RNA)

The success of any revenue cycle project is measured by the results of the project, not just the act of going live. Creating accurate models of post conversion revenue is difficult work with many moving parts, but Avelead’s technical prowess allows many of these steps to be automated, saving your health system on consulting costs compared to our competitors.

When a conversion is complete and revenue is matching as expected, most consultants stop there. Not Avelead. We create an additional audit team to examine a cross section of claims so you can be confident that your new system and processes match your original standards.

We bring revenue clarity through a single, common language across all departments so none can unduly influence the outcomes to artificially benefit their metrics. We also add an examination of pricing standards within your market to further prepare your organization for pricing transparency, which is becoming increasingly important for healthcare systems.

Additionally, we know payment models are rarely static and models change regularly. You know your organization needs to keep pace with these changes. Avelead works to not only keep pace, but also anticipate the changes that loom on the horizon. From ACOs to value-based payment models to the unknown models that lie ahead, we’ll make sure you are ready for the future.

Consider Avelead your partner through the Revenue Cycle implementation and post go-live into the Revenue Cycle Optimization effort, assuring that you are working like a well-oiled machine at peak efficiency.

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