Integration is the heartbeat of any healthcare system. What if it’s too difficult or time consuming to access the information you need from another system? What good is your healthcare information if it can’t be shared across all applications? Not much good at all. We’re here to streamline your integration to make it easier, more reliable, and faster.

Maximizing your existing system investment is critical. This often means multiple data conversions and synchronizations across both new and legacy platforms. It sounds complicated, and it is, but that’s where Avelead leadership and direction shines.

Our Enterprise Integration Architects (EIAs) devise the roadmap for integrating disparate systems via HL7 interfacing using all the major middleware toolsets, including Mirth, Rhapsody, and Cloverleaf. They design and develop the interfaces and conversions uniquely needed for your facility.

Data Migration

Data Migration is a highly complex, costly, and a resource-intensive process. Successful data migration not only requires advanced technologies but also expert professionals who are experienced in strategic administration and implementation of those technologies.

We put experienced, proven professionals on every data migration project. The Avelead team comes with a wealth of experience in both source data systems and destination systems. That type of dual perspective is a significant difference that allows us to offer our own system tools that produce reliable and repeatable outcomes time and time again.

Avelead’s data migration process involves formulating a high-level project plan that informs the client what to expect each step of the entire course of data migration. This track-able “road map” lays out the entire process of the data migration project from beginning to end and provides the ability to forecast potential risks or problems.

This potential problem and solution matrix is developed during the project-planning phase so there are no surprises down the road. We don’t wait for problems to surprise us, we seek them out so we can be ready with solutions before problems surface and that keeps your project on track and within budget.

We have the insight to know what works for many different systems, and we utilize that knowledge to help your project run like a well-oiled machine. Avelead’s best-of-class professional resources come equipped with a matched skill set vital to the execution of your project the way it should be done.

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