Data Migration is a highly complex, costly, and a resource-intensive process.  Successful data migration not only requires advanced technologies but also expert professionals who are experienced in strategic administration and implementation of those technologies.

A partner with a proven track record in comprehensive planning and execution is vital for the success of any data migration project. Avelead offers specialized talent and state of the art tools required to achieve effective and quantifiable results.  At Avelead, all consultants and technicians are highly skilled individuals with over 25 years of combined experience in diversified source systems and interface engines including Mirth, Cloverleaf, Rhapsody, and other HL7 engines.  Avelead provides the expertise needed to achieve optimal success with your organization’s data migration and interface services while minimizing hurdles and overcoming challenges.

The Process

While specialized talent is essential for successful data migration, progressive modern technology is just as crucial. That is why Avelead ensures that experienced and proven professionals are assigned to every data migration project.  Avelead professionals have a wealth of experience with both the source data systems and destination systems. They will get your data migration project completed from start to end with proven and certifiable results.

Avelead’s data migration process involves formulating a high-level project plan that informs the client on what steps will be taken throughout the entire course of migrating data and code from one source to the next. This results in a detailed and trackable “road map” that lays out the entire process of the data migration project from one point to another.

Towards the completion phase, Avelead conducts a comprehensive testing to verify every portion of the data was effectively mapped for a successful migration. We ensure that all cases and all scenarios are covered within the logic of each interface and conversion.  If needed, Avelead can offer accomplished programming resources that can be assigned to the project depending on its unique needs.

During the exit phase Avelead will fully train all staff members to work in the new system.  Avelead will assure each staff member is fully capable of executing their required tasks.

Proven Results

Our experience with various data-migration projects has given us the insight on what works for which systems, and we utilize that knowledge to help your project run like a well-oiled machine.  Avelead has the best professional resources in the industry that come equipped with matched skill set that is required to flawlessly complete your project in an outstanding manner.

Due to Avelead’s impeccable experience and success rate, potential problems and risks can be preidentified with proficient solutions ready to be applied if needed.  This potential problem and solution matrix is implemented within the project plan during the project planning phase.  Together with efficient planning and in collaboration with pivotal related factors, Avelead ensures the project meets or supersedes industry standards with cost efficient results.

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