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Health systems have multiple master files that require migration during your EMR conversions. This data migration is an essential component of your entire system integration in its future state. That’s why we developed the Master Build Automation Tool (MBAT) Platform – a proprietary tool set that takes master file audits that previously stretched across weeks, and completes them in seconds, seriously.

Although it can get extremely complicated to accurately and smoothly integrate data from multiple systems, Avelead knows the pain points of integration and will navigate through it ensuring data integrity while minimizing the impacts of downtime during migration.

We utilize the MBAT Platform through data optimization, data collection and migration, unit and integration testing, as well as post go-live maintenance. And, just because we always go the extra mile, the MBAT Platform will also track and validate the synchronization of multiple facility conversions throughout the deployment cycle. You might even think of it as your secret weapon for conversions.

The MBAT Platform Overview

  • Data Integration Services
  • Data Comparison Engine
  • Revenue Identification
  • Revenue Neutrality Analytics

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