Master files are the most important pieces of information that exists in a hospital. An out of date set of master files can have significant fiscal, clinical and compliance implications for a health system. Keeping the financial and clinical system bill items synchronized during normal day-to-day hospital operations is difficult for most facilities. But when your site is in the middle of a conversion or implementation project, auditing master files and maintaining their quality can become a daunting challenge.

Avelead’s Master Build Automation Tool (MBAT) was designed to alleviate these challenges and put you back in charge of your conversion or implementation build. MBAT is comprised of several modules which make the challenge of keeping all this data in sync a breeze.

The Data Comparison Engine (DCE) utilizes proprietary algorithms to compare the state of your build systems to identify any discrepancies between your conversion, financial and clinical master files. Performing a full master file audit would normally take an experienced financial auditor days, DCE completes full audits in seconds. DCE also allows you to track and validate the synchronization of multiple facility conversion projects throughout their deployment life cycle. If you want to be assured at go-live that procedures and orders placed in clinical systems will post charges successfully in your finical system, then the Data Comparison Engine is the right tool for the job.

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